Sibling Get Along Kit


Based on 15 years of research and proven with thousands of the most difficult “out-of-the-box” kids, The Sibling Get Along Kit shows you how to get your kids to stop arguing, play together, and resolve fights without you.

This is designed to help your kids:

  • Talk to each other without being mean or pushing each other’s buttons
  • Play together without fights erupting
  • Problem solve without you, so you don’t need to be around every second of the day
  • With over 22 games, printouts, lessons, and training, you’ll have everything you need to have a life filled with unicorns and rainbows finally get some peace and quiet.

Here’s what you get inside this Kit:


The Sibling “Treat Each Other Kindly” Pack ($17 value)

  • My Sibling’s Superpowers -- This is a game-changer. Your kids will go form disliking certain quirks, traits, and characteristics in each other to loving those parts of their sibling.
  • Sibling Play Time Likes and Dislikes -- Stop fights before they start with these few simple questions that bring combative siblings together
  • 30 Super Fun Sibling Conversation Starters -- Spark a fun conversation that gets your kids giggling -- perfect for car rides and when you need a minute to yourself.
  • 100 Kind Words to Describe My Sibling -- A fun and easy way to get your kids
  • Sibling Greetings -- Your kids will share jokes, hugs, high-fives, and compliments from the moment they see each other.
  • Sibling’s Guide to Big Emotions -- Do your kids ever fight over NOTHING? This shows you why -- and shows you an easy way to stop it from happening.

The Sibling “Play Together Nicely” Activity Guide ($17 value)

I like, you like, we like -- Do your kids erupt in a fight anytime they try to play a game? Use this for 5-minutes and next thing you know you’ll be able to play an entire game of Monopoly without tears or the game board being thrown across the room.

  • Sibling Love Note - Turn that “sibling rivalry” into a Fairy Tale with fun notes that spark joy and connection. They’re already made, you just have to print them.
  • Connection Cube -- This cube is so fun your kids won’t even realize this is all part of your master plan to get them to connect.
  • Sibling Positive Moments Tracker -- Spend a few minutes a week on this, and soon your kid’s brains will be full of positive memories of their siblings (as the negative memories disappear into nothingness)
  • 30 Simple 1 Minute Movement Breaks -- This is GOLD for hyperactive kiddos who get bored easily. Throw a “mini-party” that gets blood pumping, endorphins flowing, and smiles...smiling.
  • 40 Active Sibling Play Ideas -- A treasure-trove of fun games that will keep your kids busy and out of your hair for hours
  • 30 Quiet Activities Siblings Can Play In the Same Room -- Remember quiet? It’s that thing where no noise happens. Don’t worry, you’ll experience it again soon, promise.
  • My Sibling Connection Plan -- Turn your kids from enemies into allies with this simple plan that gets them giggling and working together instead of bickering.
  • 10 Sibling Games that Boost Listening & Cooperation -- They’ll think they’re playing, but they’re actually learning and getting along. Your Master Plan is working… mwahaha...

Part 3: The Sibling “Argument Problem Solver” Bundle ($17 value)

Sibling Huddles -- The secret to getting your kids to solve problems on their own. Next time you hear a fight break out, don’t be surprised if it ends with hugs in compliments within minutes -- without you saying or doing anything!

  • The Ultimate Safe Place - How to create a “safe place” so safe it puts Fort Knox to shame (This may or may not involve a Rocket Ship!)
  • Problem Solving Scenario Game -- A few rounds of this, and your kids may start to go out of their way to include each other,
  • Conflict Resolution Wheel -- So fun your kids will want to resolve conflict (and they won’t need you to do it!)
  • Sibling Response Guide -- Exact words and phrases your kids can use to diffuse and argument before it erupts
  • Sibling Problem-Solving Checklist -- Everything your kids need to quickly resolve fights and arguments
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