Sensory Regulation Card Deck


Especially made for kids, these cards provide activities for kids to get the sensory input they need to self-regulate and feel better in their own bodies.

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For those days your kiddo feels not quite right. Whether they’re all revved up and bouncing off walls, or they simply can’t focus on the task at hand.

Not to worry! Their body just needs a little input to help them feel more like themself.

The activities on these cards are all here to help get that input they need so they can be their best self.

The cards are split up by each of the body’s senses. Each card gives an activity, and how, when, and where to do it.

So the next time they are feeling not quite right in their body, need help calming down, having trouble focusing on a task or need help feeling more awake, pull a card and have some fun! You can help them choose a card for the sense they need the most help with or let the cards decide what they should do next.
Your child can play the cards on their own, with a friend or with the whole family!

Each card is color coded and labeled with one of the 7 senses:

The cards are even coded for the places to perform these activities, whether at home, school, out in public, or traveling.

We’ve even added blank cards and lines on the cards so you can personalize this set to your unique needs and preferences.

Set of 56 double-sided cards.