Sensory Processing 101

The Answer to Your Questions Are Here!
*Nail Biting
*Unable to Sit Still
*Loves to be Messy
*Can’t Stand Noises


Whether you are a parent, educator, caregiver, or therapist, this easy-to-read guide is your starting point to gain a better understanding of sensory processing and the body’s sensory systems.


No more piecing information together from several different resources. Sensory Processing 101 contains simple explanations about sensory processing, creative and engaging sensory activities for kids, and reproducible sensory resources – all in one place so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

190 page Full Color PDF Ebook Download

Why do some kids fidget? Why do some kids jump on all the furniture? Why do some kids bite their nails and chew their clothes?

The answers are in this book!

Sensory Processing 101 is your starting point to gain a better understanding of sensory processing and the body’s sensory systems. This comprehensive guide includes 3 books in 1 with almost 200 pages of full-color resources about sensory processing. Inside the book, you’ll find:

Parent Perspective Spread

Sensory Processing Explained – A concise and easy-to-read overview of each of the sensory systems, including real-life stories and examples from both a therapist and a parent and educator’s point of view.

sensory activities header

Sensory Activities – 35 engaging activities designed to provide playful exposure to sensory input. These activities can be beneficial for all children whether or not they have identified sensory needs.

Proprioceptive Sensory Input Explained Sensory processing Red Flags Checklist Sensory Dough Printable Guide

Sensory Resources – 20 pages of easy-to-share resources, including shopping lists for sensory materials, printable/reproducible information pages, behavior checklists, and more! It is designed for parents, teachers, and therapists.

Sensory Behaviors Explained Sensory Behaviors Explained

BONUS Color-Coded Index of Sensory Behaviors – 7 pages of sensory behaviors with indexing that allows you to find related resources and activities in the book!

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