Crisis Survival Kit Bundle


This brand new bundle is designed to help you with problems brought about by the pandemic. It covers everything from how to manage your stress and anxiety to homeschooling, keeping your kids entertained, how to create a sense of normalcy for your family and much more.

With 8 mini-bundles included, the Crisis Survival Toolkit has over 30 videos, guides, and cheat sheets to help you reduce overwhelm, create connection, and simplify parenting during this pandemic, so you can keep calm, even when the world is going crazy.

Bundle One: Manage Your Own Chaos Sanity Savers – How to manage your own anxiety, stop yourself from overreacting, and even find a moment’s peace when the walls are closing in around you

Bundle Two: School Refusal Relief Kit – How to reduce the stress, frustration, and anger (in both you and your child) in order to get online schoolwork done without having to spoon feed your child or sit beside them all day long.

Bundle Three: Pinterest-Free Energy Tamers – How to keep your kids entertained and busy (screen-free) while meeting their sensory needs and without getting overwhelmed by Pinterest

Bundle Four: Screen Free Independence Boosters for Kids that Need Constant Supervision – How to teach your kids to make plans with you and play independently so that you have some time to yourself and to get things done.

Bundle Five: Sibling Connection Power Pack – How to help your kids create a connection plan so that they get along, even when they both want to be in charge all the time.

Bundle Six: Screentime Battle Pass – How to make an electronics plan that doesn’t end in anger, meltdowns, and tears every time you transition from screens to anything else.

Bundle Seven: Realistic Memory Makers – How to connect with your kids even if you hate playing so that you can make awesome (and realistic) memories during this time together.

Bundle Eight: Work from Home With Kids Productivity Savers – How to work from home (and get everything else done) during this crazy time even while your kids are home and refusing to follow the plan.
Plus these special Crisis Survival Bonuses:

Crisis Bonus #1: The 10-Day Crisis Survival Workshop- This video series takes you step-by-step through conquering the toughest issues you’re facing right now, including the single most important thing to do in a crisis.

Crisis Bundle #2: The Crisis Survival Expert Series- Join 16 Parents, Experts, and Calm the Chaos Coaches as they share their top tips for not only surviving, but thriving during a crisis.