Calm The Chaos YouCUE Cards


Calm the Chaos cards are essential concepts from the full framework, scaled down into bite-size messages. Use them anywhere to learn new ideas or reinforce what you’re learning as you work through the program.

“These cards are bite-size messages from Calm the Chaos that you can refer to when you need them quickly, or pull out a random card to use as your CTC ‘reminder of the day’.

Keep them in a handy place like your bedside or your purse and read them to help reinforce powerful ideas from the course so you fully absorb the key concepts (Think of them like flash cards!)

Tip: Use them alongside the CTC self-study course by picking out a keyword from a card. Enter it into the search function in the CTC course to instantly go deeper into that concept. They’re color-coded to match the 4 main steps in the Calm the Chaos framework, so you’ll always know which category you’re on.”